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The Kitchn: 50 Women-Owned Home & Grocery Brands We Love.


Updated Mar 30, 2021

My grandmother (my late father’s mom, whom we called Bubbie) owned and operated a cake decorating and hobby shop my entire life. I used to spend every single Saturday in the store with her, folding pie boxes, counting out and bagging lollipop sticks, and sorting icing tips. She had one (grown-up) employee, but she ran this store entirely on her own for decades, and I remember always being incredibly impressed by her. She could tell people why their cakes were coming out too dry, order 1,000 pounds of chocolate wafers, and ring someone up all the same time — without breaking a sweat.

Sometimes, very early on (I wasn’t even old enough to use the cash register at this point), I wondered how many other Bubbies were running their own businesses. I never got an official count, but I did learn the lesson that it’s important to shop at women-owned businesses. It was important back then and it’s definitely important now.

In honor of International Women’s Day (March 8) and my Bubbie, I bring you this list. I compiled it by polling Kitchn editors and looking at my previous credit card statements. It’s by no means comprehensive or even a small percentage of the women-owned businesses out there: It’s just a small way of celebrating women, today and every day.

4Sisters Rice

The four sisters (it’s not just a clever name!) who founded 4Sisters Rice grew up on their father’s rice farm and work now to continue their f

amily’s legacy. Today, their company farms more than 25,000 acres of rice in Louisiana...

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