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AgWeb: The Tech World Had The Chance To Meet Real Farmers At CES

By TYNE MORGAN January 13, 2023

The global tech industry gathered at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this past week to see the latest and greatest in technology and this year, agriculture took center stage. What’s traditionally been a show geared to consumers is one agriculture is playing a bigger role, and as Farm Journal discovered, the interest in agriculture’s story became a resounding theme.

From driverless vehicles to a flying car, CES was full of the latest technology and a few surprises. One popular attraction was at the John Deere booth. Not only was each area of the display equipped with farming facts for consumers, the company also served up the chance for attendees to meet- and speak- with real farmers.

“We actually are a vertically integrated company–we take rice from the farm to a finished product. And we even have our own brand now called 4Sisters,” says Meryl Kennedy, a farmer in northeast Louisiana.

Kenny and Travis Senter of northeast Arkansas, were just two of the farmers in Deere’s CES display, answering questions and pulled back the curtain on production agriculture today.

“The biggest question is this machine that we're standing behind autonomous?” says Senter. “The other question is, on my Operations Center, all those all those machines that are on there, are they autonomous? So, I guess the big factor that they're looking at is autonomy.”

Deere and Company kicked off CES as the keynote speaker–a first for agriculture. And as Deere presented, the company pointed out farmers were sitting in the audience. The crowd gasped in response, proof that to CES attendees, the chance to meet real farmers was rare...+

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