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Sustainable Practices

We developed the 4Sisters brand based on a lofty goal: take a little grain & make a big difference in the world. We see it as our responsibility to better the lives of our community, customers, employees, & future markets. A commitment to humanity & nature is at the core of our beliefs.

We are living out this mission by strategically using methods & practices that support sustainability through people, land, water, energy, & the climate. We are constantly evaluating how we can become more sustainable in all parts of the supply chain.

Practicing sustainability from field to packaging…

From Field

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We are reducing chemicals and fertilizers, protecting the soil from erosion, conserving water, and conserving land.
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To Packaging

We are finding new methods to reduce energy usage in our plants and supply chain, including transitioning to all LED lights, moving to more fuel-efficient trucks, and battery-operated forklifts. We have even been vetting recyclable packaging options.
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