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HuffPost: 14 Small Businesses That Offer Food And Drink Delivery To Your Home

Apr 22, 2020, 05:45 AM EDT | Updated Apr 23, 2020

If you can't visit the grocery store during the coronavirus pandemic, these brands will mail you their treats.

The coronavirus pandemic has placed extra stress on grocery stores, which are struggling to respond to an increasingly complex situation. Many supermarkets and delivery services aren’t able to keep up with demand, and many customers aren’t able to go out in public to pick up their own food.

But there’s good news: Many small businesses have stepped up to offer doorstep delivery for the foods and beverages they produce. And it’s been mutually beneficial for both their business and for consumers.

On March 15, for example, Pig of the Month BBQ founder Lea Richards let her customers know that her business would be offering free shipping on orders in all 48 contiguous states, with no minimum required. The response yielded greater sales numbers than Black Friday.

“We were just sitting there, shocked,” Richards recalled. “It feels like a lifetime ago.” Seeing a real need, she quickly contacted her suppliers — local farmers, all located within two hours of Dayton, Ohio — to ask for bulk raw meat to help meet the new demand.

Across the country, other online food retailers are working to keep Americans safe, well-fed and entertained. It turns out to be a potentially win-win situation: Eager customers can support small businesses and get some of the most drool-worthy products delivered to their doorstep in return.

Wondering where to begin? HuffPost has put together a helpful list of some of our favorites.

Online Retailers That Deliver Food To Your Door

4Sisters is a women-owned family venture based in Louisiana. It recently launched an online store to bring their U.S. Department of Agriculture-Certified Organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, Kosher and sustainably grown long-grain white and brown rice to your doorstep via two-day express delivery (shipping included). Check their website and Instagram feed for inspiring and easy recipes, like baked rice pudding, Keto lamb fried rice, cheesy chicken broccoli bake and creamy chicken and rice soup.

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