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6 – 2 lb. Bags / Aromatic Jasmine White Rice
  • 6 – 2 lb. Bags / Aromatic Jasmine White Rice


    4Sisters Aromatic Jasmine White Rice

    is a great kitchen pantry staple when you are cooking an Asian inspired meal. 4Sisters Jasmine rice demonstrates excellent, consistent cooking quality, perfect for your family meals. We source only premium rice varieties with your cooking experience in mind. The soft Jasmine grains retain fullness & have a fluffy, slightly sticky texture, with a pleasant fragrance when cooked. Every bite is moist in texture, slightly sweet in flavor. Jasmine rice is a great choice if you want the perfect pairing for curries, biryani, and other South, Southeast or East Asian dishes. Jasmine rice also offers a range of nutritional benefits. Jasmine is a natural non-GMO grain, naturally gluten free, low in fat, cholesterol, and sodium. If you are an athlete looking to carb-load for energy, eating jasmine rice is a good way to do it. Serving a side of jasmine rice also adds to the protein content of your meals.

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