Luigi Pomodoro 

A little tomato in the big city. Luigi Pomodoro is not your average Italian-American tomato: you might be able to find him hanging about Little Italy as he goes to visit his friends, Parmesan and Basil. Luigi’s best friend is Chelsea Cheese; he always has a good time when he visits her in her penthouse, but he can’t stand her cheesy puns! His red Italian roots make any rice combination a real, traditional, fresh flavor, so dig in, mangia! 

Chelsea Cheese 

A City Cheese with Class. While most run of the mill cheeses may be content with cheesy puns and a factory taste, Chelsea Cheese always brings the flavor! She prides herself in being a classy cheese living in the heart of New York, but she hates hanging out with those snobby French cheeses. Instead, her best friend is the loveable ripe tomato from little Italy, Luigi Pomodoro. Together the two friends bring back high-quality traditional taste, with a flare of flavor!

Chicken Bob 

The courageous chicken cowboy. Chicken Bob may be chicken, but he sure ain’t a chicken! Known as one of the bravest cowboys this side of the Mississippi, he and his posse ride protecting the ranches and farms of our Louisiana countryside. One of its members is the southern belle herself, the irresistible and fearless Butter Belle. Together, they ride through American homes, filling every bowl with deliciously good rice, so dig in and join our posse!

Butter Belle 

The southern belle. Butter Belle is one of the saltiest and sassiest butters around town. Don’t let her charm and looks deceive you, she is one true southern butter belle! A cowgirl at heart, she goes on rides with Chicken Bob and his posse as they patrol their communities’ ranches. Her golden glow makes this American-grown rice sparkle on like their sunset rides, so dig in and join our posse!